Onagawa Future Center Camass

Onagawa Future Center Camass was created to connect people inside and outside of Onagawa. The co-working area is spacious with large windows – there are tables and chairs, a counter with stools and two meeting rooms. The multipurpose area has four types of rooms that can be used for meetings, events and workshops.

You need to become Onagawa Future Center Camass member to use the co-working area, but anyone is free to use the multipurpose area. Please check in at the reception in the co-working area before use.

Onagawa Future Center Camass will plan and host Future Sessions, workshops and networking events to connect residents and those visiting Onagawa on business throughout the year.


What is ‘Camass’?

The word ‘Camass’ is a combination of two words: kamasu ‘to mix it up’ in Onagawa dialect and the English word, mass. The thought was to create a place where people can gather and connect with one another in Onagawa.


Fore more information on Onagawa Future Center Camass, please contact:


Access to Onagawa

Via Tohoku Jidoshado Highway

Tohoku Jidoshado Highway Sendai Minami IC > Sendai Nambu/Tobu Road – approx. 50 min. > Sanriku Jidosha Highway Konan IC > Route 398, approx. 30 min. > Onagawa

Tohoku Jidoshado Highway Furukawa IC > Route 108, approx. 80 min. > Onagawa

Via JR railway

Tohoku Shinkansen Sendai Station (JR Tohoku Honsen) > JR Ishinomaki Line Komuta Station > JR Onagawa Station

Approx. 120 min. (depending on the timing of the transfer)

Via highway bus (one bus daily)

Sendai Station Sakuranomae bus stop #3 > Sanriku Jidoshado Highway, approx. 120 min. > Onagawa

Please refer to Miyagi Kotsu’s website for bus schedules (Japanese only)

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